Hello. Nice to meet you : )

I'm a user experience designer based in Brooklyn, NY. I've designed consumer facing and enterprise mobile and web products for Personal BlackBox, AOL, and frog design.

Check out some of my key projects that I've worked on. Send me a message to get the password for access to my full portfolio.


Thumbnail of PBB UX and UI design work

Personal BlackBox is an early-stage start-up that's goal is to help users unlock the value of their personal data through insights and offers. We are creating two products, a consumer facing mobile and web application, and a web app for marketers to target users.

I am responsible for both the UX and UI (visual) design across all applications. Our team is comprised of another UX Designer and a Chief Design Officer. I use Sketch and Adobe Illustrator to design the wireframes and high fidelity, visual design mockups. I also use Keynote for quick prototyping, and Form and Origami for high-fidelity interactive prototypes.

I love being able to sit side-by-side with the development team to implement the design of the marketing web app.

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At AOL, I worked on a team with another UX Designer, a Visual Designer, an Art Director, a Creative Technologist under the direction of a Creative Director. I was responsible for the UX design. The team was tasked with designing Aol’s first native mobile mail application.

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Thumbnail of AOL UX design work


Thumbnail of frog UX design work

At frog, I worked on a 2 year project for a Big Four accounting firm to design the user experience for a web-based project management and audit execution tool, that auditors use every day.

I worked on a team with 3 other Interaction Designers, a Visual Designer, and a Creative Technologist under the direction of a Creative Director. I helped lead the user research and shape the conceptual design thinking. Each Interaction Designer worked on separate functions of the tool to design the user experience, and in conjunction with a Creative Technologist, developed a working prototype.

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  • I've been through bootcamp twice. Once to become an officer in the US Air Force, and the second time to become a designer through the MFA Design + Technology program at Parsons. Design bootcamp was harder.
  • I hand-coded this site myself.
  • I like to make icons. You can download them on the Noun Project.
Icons on the noun project