Hello. Welcome to my portfolio page. I am currently an interaction designer at frog design and a graduate of the MFA, Design + Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design
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interactive design

:: Embroidered Confessions ::

An interactive quilt of the secrets of strangers

Embroidered Confessions is an installation that curates, archives, and physically embodies secrets that exist in digital form. Collections of found secrets from the Internet are accessed through embroidered Quick Reference (QR) codes that have been integrated into a quilt.

Embroidered Confessions has been exhibited at the 2011 Connected Communities Symposium in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, the 2011 ACM Creativity & Cognition conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and the 2012 SIGCHI conference in Austin, Texas.

:: DEsign DEtect DEcode ::

Winner of the Best Scene in Town Competition

Locative media game presented at the 2010 Picnic Festival

Video walkthrough for DEsign, DEtect, DEcode

Best Scene in Town was a competition where international teams of students were challenged to design a game based upon the 7scenes mobile storytelling platform.

As the winning group, my team (George Bixby, Gabriel van Vemde, Olga Paraskevopoulou) was chosen to present and implement our concept, a locative media puzzle solving game, at the 2010 Picnic Festival in Amsterdam.

Full documentation of our project is available on our team blog.

:: Missed Connections - Craigslist to the MTA ::

Creating connections between digital and physical space

For this project, I re-contextualized Craigslist Missed Connection personals ads into a physical, visual form (MTA Service Change Announcements) and placed them in their original location in order to facilitate connections and real-time interactions between people in the New York City subway transportation system.

:: New York Public Library - Curiograph : :

Interactive game and tool for an online exhibition

This project was created as part of a collaboration between Parsons and the New York Public Library. The intent of the collaboration was to create material for a website that accompanied an exhibit for Lauren Redniss's new book "Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie, a Tale of Love and Fallout" at the NYPL.

This tool, created with fellow student Garret Tillman, is an interactive tool/game that allows users to create their own digital cyanotype. Using re-appropriated images from the NYPL digital gallery and real-time weather data, the user can experience how a cyanotype is affected by different variables such as layering and transparency of objects, layout and weather.

Click here to view.

:: Exquisite Corpse at the Shake Shack ::

Collaborative narrative created by strangers in a public space

The goal of this project, which was a collaboration with fellow student George Bixby, was to design an interaction between strangers in a public space. The space we chose was the line of people queued up at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

We chose this location both for the density of strangers, as Shake Shack is as famous for its hour-long lines as it is for its hamburgers, as well as the unique interactions that could be possible with a voluntarily captive audience of strangers.

We implemented an exquisite corpse game, in which customers in line contributed to a collective story and drawing. We then added a performance element by creating a book on site to be handed back to the participants by the time they got their food.

:: Red Cross - Weather or Not ::

Game mechanics and role-playing for better decision making in crisis situations

During a summer-long collaboration with the Red Cross Climate Center and PETLAB (a public interest game design and research lab at Parsons), I worked in a group with fellow graduate students and faculty member Colleen Macklin to create a game that helps explain the importance of forecasts, as well as the mechanics of probability.

The game is intended for large audiences in conference settings. I programmed a Flash interface using ActionScript3 to facilitate the probability game mechanics. The interface is currently on my server, but pending approval, will be used by Red Cross personnel.

Click here to test the program.